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What is Daemon doing

Network Development

Tools for analyzing and monitoring the networks

For distributed application to fully utilize high-speed WAN's in the near future, and for doing network layer congestion manipulation and QoS, we must know something about the network. Knowledge of current and maximum bandwidth, of current and minimum latency, of bottleneck, of burst frequency, and of congestion extent would make it possible for application to use the optimal TCP buffer size and the optimal number of parallel streams. The IP level based QoS mechanism needs further more information to accomplish its goal.

Using SNMP to get information described above needs a router access privilege which is infeasible in certain time. Therefore, to acquire the information we wanted, we need a user level tool to achieve out goal. A reliable, ubiquitous service (NCS), similar to DNS, is developed and deployed to allow applications to query for these values.
pipechar -- one basic service of the NCS daemon -- is extracted for general using with a sender-receiver paired tool -- netest -- to perform the task of network problem analysis and troubleshoot.

Network Characterization Service

    Network characterization service daemon (NCSD) provides information for adaptive gateway to shape the outgoing traffic. This kind of QoS is a temporary solution for modern network. For long run, the transport and network layers' protocols need to be restructured.

Auto-Configuration System (ACS)

Complex Conversion System & Extended C Library (CCS-ECL)

ATM driver for all BSDi (BSD/OS) / FreeBSD releases is available for Zeitnet ATM. (ATM is obsolete).

Pentium based workstation and server vs others. BSD based O.S. vs others.

  • Pentium family Info. : gives you some overall performance for Pentium based hardware with different CPUs, motherboards, free UN*X and commercial UN*X platforms. It includes performance for memory subsystem, in cache arithmetic computation, complicated arithmetic computation, SMP, SCSI controller, SCSI disks, etc.
  • Common workstations Info. : This is similar to Pentium family Info., but with different hardware platforms, such as Sun, DEC, SGI, etc.

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