Papers and Talks of Network Measurement, Analysis, and Tuning

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LBNL report # 47892 Network Characterization Service (NCS)
LBNL report # 48350 Netest: A tool to Measure the Maximum Burst Size, Available bandwidth and Achievable throughput (was Available v.s. Achievable in the Network)
LBNL report # 48556 System Capability Affecting Algorithms for Network Bandwidth Measurement
LBNL report # 53920 Packet Drop Avoidance for High-speed Network Transmission Protocol
LBNL report # 53921 Control Transmission Pace at IP Layer to Avoid Packet Drop (IPOM 2004)

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Discussing essential and outstanding Network Measurement Algorithms as well as critical Issues.

LBNL report # 48330 Algorithm and Requirement for Measuring Network Bandwidths.
LBNL report # 53165 Feedback adaptive control and feedback asymptotic convergence algorithms for measuring network bandwidth

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LBNL report # 20031015 How MBS affecting the network transmission control and protocol
LBNL report # 20030303 High-speed network transmission control theory
LBNL report # 20030815 technology for high-speed network transmission protocol
LBNL report # 20032005 interim from TCP/IP to Network LION
LBNL report # 20030110 TCP Lion -- A basic implementation for Network Lion theory
LBNL report # internal 960501 Adaptive Gateway

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